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Centro Comunitario Sayaro

It is a community that was formed 70 years ago, towards the south of the snow, with people who were dedicated especially to the sowing of potatoes, beans, mellocos and some of hollows; Also raised cattle of milk and meat. Eight years ago, members of the community started working on Community Tourism, for which they built a Small house with 2 bedrooms, with capacity for 12 people, bathrooms and services. They have a good lot for camping and also for parking vehicles. This community offers all tourists interesting proposals, with native and naturalistic guides that can take visitors from Cayambe to the Community.
Parish: Juan Montalvo
Community: Sáyaro
Temperature: 15°C
Distances from Cayambe: 21Km
Services: - Community Tourism
- Guide, Cabalgatas
- Walks
- Camping
- Observation of flora and fauna
Height: 3.500 m.s.n.m.