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Paquiestancia Community Center

The Paquiestancia community is located in the parish de Ayora, 20 minutes from the city of Cayambe. In this magical place, it is possible to enjoy three trails that lead to live flora and fauna of the place. Also can enjoy of an authentic cuisine of the town, offering: toasted Tiesto, potatoes, ocas, dark-haired milk, enconfitado corn, roasted beans, tortillas by tiesto. Saturdays from 06:00 performs the agro-ecological products of the community fair. The community has 50 acres of ancient trees, there you can camp, riding and walking; While the landscape was admires incredible photographs can be removed.
Parish: Ayora
Community: Paquiestancia
Temperature: 15°C
Distances from Cayambe: 7Km
Services: - Community tourism
- Guide, Cabalgatas
- Lodging
- Tipical food
- Cultural events and embroideries
- Ancient medicine
- Observation of Flora and Fauna
Height: 2.850 m.s.n.m.