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La Chimba

La Chimba community center

The community of La Chimba is located 40 minutes from the city of Cayambe; It is surrounded by a fascinating Andean landscape where colors change continuously and you can appreciate an important biodiversity. During the stay, the guide is who can best go to the natural beauty of the place, with the purpose of discovering and living things out of the ordinary. Within the community is the "Centro Intercultural transit Amaguaña", in homage to one of the indigenous women leaders of the 20th century.
Parish: Olmedo
Community: La Chimba
Temperature: 8°C - 11°C
Distances from Cayambe: 25Km
Services: - Community tourism
- Guide, Cabalgatas
- Tipical food
- Cultural events and embroideries
- Sport fishing
Height: 3.180 m.s.n.m.