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Gualimburo Community Center

It is a community of the parish of Cangahua which is located to the southeast of the canton of Cayambe between cerro tips and the nevado Cayambe. It has trails for different physical skills; through them you can see landscapes formed in green and yellow robes because of the crops, rivers, flora and fauna of the Andean paramo. In this way you can enjoy an atmosphere of calm and reflection, contemplating the beauty natural. Also next to the Pisambilla River is a small source of thermal water surrounded by landscapes with native plants. The community also offers horseback riding; There are different routes that can be chosen to tour the area
Parish: Cangahua
Community: Gualimburo
Temperature: 4°C - 15°C
Distances from Cayambe: 27Km
Services: - Community tourism
- Guide, Cabalgatas
- Caminatas
- Camping
- Observation of Flora and Fauna
Height: 3.373 m.s.n.m.