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San Luis de Guachalá

Community Center San Luis of Guachala

The community of San Luis de Guachala is located in the middle of the latitude world 0°0’0’’, traditionally known as "The ball of the world", which consists of a stone with a diameter sphere of 1.80 m., seated on a large plate, surrounded by a stone circle. The place of great historical value - scientist, has been visited by several characters as the mission GEODESIC of the Academy of Sciences of Paris, in which participated: Luis Godin, Pedro Bouguer and Carlos Maria from la Condamine, as academics; Joseph de Jussieu, physician and naturalist botanical ; Juan Senierges, surgeon and botanist; Verguin, artist and marine engineer; Couplet, frigate captain; Jean Louis Morainville engineer; Godin de Odonais, instrumentalist; y Théodore Hugot, relojero. In addition, the expedition Spaniards were integrated Jorge Juan and Antonio de Ulloa, sent by the Spanish Crown. This mission was joined by the neighbor of Riobamba, Pedro Vicente Maldonado. When the GEODESIC arrived to the Real hearing of Quito 9 March 1736, they were received with great affection and distinction. The expedition members opened spaces for knowledge and learning, thereby legitimizing the cultural concerns of some Creole languages of the time. According to the data, studying began them 10 June 1736, in the plains of Cayambe, but by geographical irregularities of the terrain moved Yaruqui area. The results of their research were recorded on a large plate of stone, which now rests at the Astronomical Observatory of Quito. The community is located 74 km from the city of Quito, in the route of the Pan-American North E-35. This place offers several options for visitors who like adventure and entertainment, which become a major tourist destination in the canton of Cayambe and the Ecuador to San Luis de Guachalá.
Parish: Cangahua
Community: San Luis de Guachalá
Temperature: 16°C
Distances from Cayambe: 6Km
Services: - Community tourism
- Guide, Caminatas
- Restaurant
- Tipical food
- Cultural events
Height: 3.652 m.s.n.m.