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Cariacu Community Center

It is located in the North-West of the parish of Ayora, the meaning of Cariacu comes from the word Kichwa Kari = Men, Yaku = Wather “Wather of men”. It stands out for the presence of the Cayambe volcano. his meltdown fall with waterfalls and healing energies; on the site you can see species of flora (lianas, bromelias y pumamaquis) and fauna (wolf, sachacuy, wild, ducks rabbits, mirlos, colibríes, torcazas, tórtolas, and other assorted colors) the humid forest and Páramo herbaceous, also the place you can see to your around the hilly landscape formed by: the Imbabura, Cayambe, the Cerro Puntas and the Mojanda - boxes. The community offers to the visitors, who are interested in the tourism of nature, history and culture and also excursions in the community or its environment ranging from 2 to 15 Km. In the community, you can discover tourism experiential and spiritual, knowing the waterfalls, the landscape, the flora and fauna, which return energy to the body and the spirit.
Parish: Ayora
Community: Cariacu
Temperature: 16°C
Distances from Cayambe: 10Km
Services: - Community tourism
- Guide, Cabalgatas
- Tipical Food
- Cultural events and embroideries
- Ancient medicine
- Agroturismo
Height: 2.800 m.s.n.m.