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Quality Q

Café de la Vaca

• Traditional cuisine, made with the love of grandmother and warmth
• Locro of potato chola
• Aguado of hen
• Ají of meat
• Lomo, Trucha and chiken of country
• Empanadas, humitas, tamales
• Breakfast with bread with cream

Address: Panamericana Norte (E35) Km 49 Via Otón - Sector Ishigto Cayambe, Pichincha.
Telephone: 0223610497 / 0997699063
Manager:Jenifer Stefania Velasco

Cafetería Restaurante Delicatessen Katy

• Cafeteria service.
• Coffe, bizcochos, queso of hoja.
• Chocolate, Capuchino, Mocachino.
• The lunch menu dishes.
• Executive.
• Exclusive parking.

Address: Avda. Natalia Jarrín S 0-27 y Bolívar.
Telephone: 022110-822
Manager:María Elena Aguas

Fritadas Rosita

• Place where you can find the best fritadas in the city of Cayambe.
• Dish of fritada the best price.
• Bebidas.
• Quality service.

Branch 1
Address: Calle Morales entre Libertad and Simon Bolivar.
Telephone: 098 096 0267
Branch 2
Address: Av. Victor Cartagena and 24 of Mayo, 170202, Cayambe
Telephone: 098 096 0267
Manager:Silvia Vásquez

Hostería Jatun Huasi

Hostería Jatun Huasi is a beautiful place located in the Ecuadorian highlands with a privileged view of the Andes and in front of the only volcano that is crossed by the equator, the Cayambe. our comfortable cabins and rooms are able to provide them with maximum comfort while enjoying gourmet cuisine and typical in full communion with the natural environment.
Among our services we offer:
• Covered and heated pool.
• Sauna, Turkish and whirlpool
• Game room with Ping Pong, Karaoke with giant screen, billares, futbolines and Board Games.
• Cancha of vóley and futbol.
• Meeting rooms
• Rides on horseback in the area
• Wireless Internet in our rooms, cabins and rooms.
Just one hour from Quito, through a first order you will find Hostería Jatun Huasi, away from the stress that produced the big cities, where we wish you pleasant moments in the company of the best offer gastronomic area and with a spectacular service backed by our experience level.

Address: Panamericana Norte km 1.5 via Cayambe Otavalo, 0000, Cayambe.
Telephone: 022-363-777 / 022-363-770.

Restaurante Casa de Fernando

We have the best Gourmet service of the city of Cayambe.
Among our services we offer:
• Breakfast.
• Entrance.
• Salad.
• Soup.
• Cream.
• Meat.
• Fish.
• Mariscos.
• Postres.
• Bebidas.

Address: Panamericana norte Km 1 1/2, 170202, Cayambe
Telephone: (02) 236-0262
Email: casafernando@andinanet.net
Manager:Fernando Erazo

Restaurante Balcón 2 Hemisferios

On our planet there is an imaginary line that connects the 2 hemispheres, 0 latitude and its energy passes very close to our stove and most exquisite preparations are stewed in them. BALCÓN 2 HEMISFERIOS It will open its doors with a wide range of cuisine created by our chef Sebastián Imbago.

Address: Barrio San Luis of Guachala opposite the monument to the middle of the world.
Telephone: 098 464 6237
Manager:Sebastían Imbago

Restaurante Guarango Zero

We are a group of people dedicated to satisfy the palate of discerning customers giving them a cuisine that makes the customer feel at home. With quality, warmth and good personal service.
• Banquetes
• Tipical food
• The carta
• Breakfast
• All kinds of social events
• Karaoke

Address: Barrio San Luis of Guachala opposite the monument to the middle of the world.
Telephone: 099 002 6153 - 099 334 1546 - (02) 361-2237
Manager:Roberto Yanez

Cafeteria San Luis

• Pizza.
• Pastas.
• Postres.
• Catering Service.
• Gourmet Service.
• Bocaditos.
• Cake shop.
• Biscuits and bakery exclusive.

Address: Chile and Ascázubi, esq.
Telephone:2364-785 - 0992719621
Manager:René Vásquez

Marisqueria the Bucanero

Bucanero Marisqueria the best dishes you can delight with seafood from the coast of Ecuador. Excellent, timely service and great prices.
• Ceviches.
• Encebollados.
• Cazuelas, Banderas.
• Pargo.
• Rice Marinero.
• Rice with Prawns.

Address: Restauracion and Alianza.
Telephone: 02236-0564 - 0992412504
Manager:Ana Zambrano

Los Ceviches del Viejo

• Ceviches.
• Encebollados.
• Cazuelas, Banderas.
• Pargo.
• Rice Marinero.
• Rice with Prawns.

Address: Sucre OE1-43 and Restauracion
Manager:Tatiana Molina

Restaurante la Vaca Loca

• Parrilla
• Cafeteria
• Heladería.

Address: Bolivar S-453 and Ascazubi.
Telephone: 022-111-631
Manager:Ramiro Almeida

Aroma Cafetería Restaurant

• We provide service of European food - Ecuadorian.
• Pasteles.
• Helados.
• Cafeteria.

Address: Calle Bolivar Oe 0-64 and Ascazubi.
Telephone: 022-361-773
Manager:Lira Mosquera