The Cayambe: The Snow of the Two Hemispheres

This route crosses the Cayambe Coca National Park, where the only snow-capped volcano is crossed by the equatorial line and the highest point to the sun, from the center of the earth. Among the main places to visit are the green lagoons and the Zero Parallel Vertex. There is a shelter that provides accommodation, basic food and information.
07h30: Departure Hotel
09h00: Arrival at Oleas Berge Ruales Shelter
11h30: Arrival at the Edge of the “Eagle and the Condor” Vertex of the Zero Parallel
14h00: Arrival at Ruales Oleas Berge Refuge to enjoy a hot chocolate, coffee, coca tea or similar.
14h30: Sighting of fauna and flora of the sector (Sector of the Z)
16h00: Return to Cayambe
16h30: Arrival Hotel
  • Suggested maximum time to start walking to the Vertex of Parallel Zero 09:00 am.
  • Weather can change suddenly.
  • Propitious nutrition and hydration according to the estimated walking time..
  • Suitable shoes and warm clothing, sunglasses, sunscreen.
  • Bring a camera