Welcome to the City of the Sun in the middle of the world Cayambe, millenary land of Nasacota Puento, Mama Sucta, Dolores Cacuango, Jesús Gualavisí, Humberto Fierro Jarrín, Sergio Mejía Aguirre, David Manangón, Gabriel Meza Velásquez among other illustrious citizens, In addition to being an intercultural and pluricultural people that possesses one of the main cultures of the north of the country as they are the Cayambis that were one of the main towns of the culture Caranqui that were conformed by three cacicazgos: Caranquis, Otavalos and our people the Cayambis.
Cayambe is located to the north of the province of Pichincha, 1 hour and 30 minutes from the capital of the Republic of Quito. Its geographical limits are; to the north with the province of Imbabura, to the south with the Canton of Quito, to the east with the provinces of Sucumbíos and Napo and to the west with the canton of Pedro Moncayo, it is located between two northern and southern hemispheres, as it crosses the Equatorial Line or Equator (latitude 0´0´0″) in the inter-Andean region.
On July 23, 1883 the cantonization is celebrated, its cantonal head is the city of Cayambe. It has two urban parishes (Cayambe, and Juan Montalvo) and six rural parishes (Olmedo, Ayora, Cangahua, Otón, Santa Rosa de Cuzubamba and Ascázubi).
One of the main festivities that are celebrated, are the festivities of San Pedro, named National immaterial patrimony also denominated as the Festivities of the Sun in the Middle of the World, is recognized by its traditions and oral expressions. The coplas and colorful costumes adorn these celebrations.
The National Institute of Cultural Heritage and the Ministry of Education declared October 2, 1995, as “CAYAMBE PATRIMONIAL CITY”.