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Parish Otón

Parish Rural

The parish traces its history through legends, rites, traditions, typical of an indigenous and colonized people. The first inhabitants were the Cayambis whose cacique was Nasacota Puento. With the colonization its traditional identity is lost. Since 1998, the Cayambi people undertook a process of reconstruction with the objective of To have an instance that groups the whole of the people; In this way the Confederation of the Cayambi People was formed, with the Kichwa language and the Spanish as a second language.
With the arrival of the Franciscan fathers he took the religious name of St. Francis of Oton. Recently the ecclesiastical name of Our Lady of the Carmen of Oton was adopted, due to the religiosity that is framed in the devotion to the sacred image of the Virgin.
The territorial and political creation of the parish Oton is given through the Law issued in the Government of Diego Noboa, being in the beginning a parish belonging to the canton Quito, as it appears in the official newspaper of Tuesday 3 of June of 1851. To This date is attributed the founding of Oton as a rural parish, which makes it one of the oldest parishes in the sector.
Oficial Name: The meaning of Oton comes from the denomination that gave the natives to him with the name of “UTUAN” Which is the union of two meanings U; bayas = squash, squash, TUAN = Earth. From there comes the identification of the land of squash and squash.
Data of foundation: 3 of june of 1.851
Population: 2.776 hab
Temperature: 15°C
Height: 2.628 m.s.n.m.