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Parish Juan Montalvo

Parish Urban

The plain of Gualavisi, in the past, according to the chronicles were lands of Great chieftain Cayambi Nasacota bridge, who resisted the conquest incaina around 17-year-old. Nasacota Puento had his residence, which was located close to the Gualabi River and Guachala Pisque on this plain. Later, by the celebration of the ancient feast of the Sun in the middle of the world in the territory Cayambi, Otavalo, Cotacachi, Caranqui, Pesillo, etc, people came from the river Chota (N) and Guayllabamba (S) to leave their large crops, oyanzas and other products in the midst of great caravans between music, dances, songs, pilgrimages of friendship for several months. Many of the youths were returning married; others stayed in this land to form new homes.
On the death of Nasacota Puento, these lands are in charge of their children Quimbia Puento and later with Gerónimo Puento. The coming conquest of Inca by the years of (1450 – 1530) many of them settled in Guachala, Cangahua, Pambamarca, El Quinche, Tocachi, Tupigachi, assay, etc, keep lot of friendships with these mitmas, mindalas, mitimaes who were natives of the North, Center and South of the Peru.
From the year of 1534 with the arrival of the Spanish conquest come to form the first farms of: Guachala Changala, Ishigto, El Hato, Pisambilla, Chaguarpungo, Monjas, Miraflores Alto, etc., which were kept until the years of 1965 (agrarian reform). For the years of 1925, it is said that Jesús Gualavisí leader of the indigenous movement can distribute the Earth (1933) and pay the plain of Gualavisi, which forms the parish of Juan Montalvo thanks to the management of the ringleaders: the same Jesús Gualavisí, Pedro Quimbiulco Albán and Heliodoro Chimarro among others, these lands belonged to the dictator Gabriel García Moreno, thanks to the liberal revolution of Eloy Alfaro passed into the hands of the Social Welfare.
Subsequently the urban parish of Juan Montalvo of the Cayambe Canton was created jointly with parish Isidro Ayora, on May 12, 1927, in the ancient settlements of "El Llano" and Chacapatas respectively.
Oficial Name: Juan Montalvo
Data of fundation: 12 of May of 1927
Population: 12.000 hab
Temperature: 14°
Height: 2.810 m.s.n.m