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Parish Santa Rosa de Cusubamba

Parish Rural

According to account history and investigations undertaken, the first inhabitants of the area which today corresponds to the parish of Santa Rosa de Cusubamba, formaban parte del asentamiento del pueblo Cayambi y luego de los Incas. they were part of the settlement of the Cayambi people then the Incas. The geographical characteristics of the area, offered a broad panorama toward the cardinal points, so this was their favorite place for observation of the places of worship of this part of the Kingdom, and an important communication route, since it was the required path of the chasquis who were with messages throughout the Andes and the Amazon.
After the Spanish conquest, these lands became a huge latifundium corresponds to the Hacienda de Cusubamba, being the first owners Gangotena Chiriboga husbands and then the Meneses Bustamante family. The peasants were part of this hacienda in huasipungueros quality.
These lands at first were part of Oton. In the middle of the 1940s, the inhabitants requested the illustrious municipality of the Cayambe Canton to rise to the category of parish to the annex of Santa Rosa de Cusubamba, request that was approved on December 6, 1944.
Oficial Name: Santa Rosa de Cusubamba
Data fundation: 6 of December of 1944
Population: 4.147 hab
Temperature: 10°C - 22°C
Height: 2.000 m.s.n.m.