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Parish Cangahua

Parish Rural

Since ancient times it was part of the Cayambi chiefdom. During the colonial period, it continued depending on the seat, which was part of the village of Otavalo. As parish or doctrine, Cangahua existed since 1753, being your Pastor Juan Cevallos and Donoso.
This request, obtained the hearing, October 31, 1,789 resolution, so you can sit as new territory on the site called Pucara, with frequent requests definitely sets the new parish; so the Court received, October 29, 1.790, date of erection, becoming one of the rural parishes more ancient of the canton of Cayambe (Ecuador)
Oficial Name: Cangahua
Data of fundation: 29 of october of 1.790
Population: 16.231 hab
Temperature: 4°C - 8°C
Height: 3.180 m.s.n.m.