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Parish Ayora

Parish Urban

The story, Ayora was the very important settlement of the ancient cayambis, the remains of fine ceramics, pieces of gold and bronze found in this place. Parish carries this name in homage to Dr. Isidro Ayora, former President of Ecuador. Formerly "San José" was called because of its proximity to the Hda. of the same name.
This urban parish was created on May 12, 1927, date which coincides with the celebrations of our Lady of Fatima. At the age of 85; It was officially declared as "Autonomous Government decentralized Rural" (R.O. 635 of 7 February 2012). The population of the parish for the first time in its existence, 22 July 2012, is elected their representatives to the vestry
Oficial Name: San José de Ayora
Date of fundation: 12 of May of 1927
Population: 10,000 Hab
Temperature: 15°
Height: 2.860 m.s.n.m