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Parish Ascázubi

Parish Rural

It tells the story, that in these lands inhabited by the tribe of the Quinchis, which was large; throughout the area have been found graves of the settlements that belonged to the Cayambi territory.
The parish was founded on September 21, 1913 and was territorially that at that time it was known as the annex of San Juan of Abanin, however, according to historical data of Constitution of the new parish, cannot be properly identify the circunstances that motivated the inhabitants of annexed Abanin, to baptize him as Ascázubi Standing out as a explanation of such baptism, that "keep alive the memory of our heroes and exalt his memory illustrious".
Oficial Name: Ascázubi
Date of Foundation: 21 of September of 1913
Population: 5.050 hab
Temperature: 14.1°C
Height: 3.500 m.s.n.m.